Painting Tips & Tricks:

How To: Painting Xenon Parts

Xenon® polyurethane parts are able to be matched to your vehicles factory paint if you follow a few simple steps and procedures.


Parts Preparation & Painting

[The following is based upon approved Sherwin Williams processes using Sherwin Williams materials. Consult your local paint supplier for equivalent materials and/or processes.]

  • WASH paintable surfaces and tape ledge (if applicable) with heavy duty detergent degreaser, i.e. Castrol purple stuff or red hot and USP90 scuff gel, using a gray scuff pad until the part is dull and then rinse thoroughly.
  • SAND the paintable surfaces with 400 grit or finer and check for imperfections - repair with Evercoat Metal Glaze (#100416), a two-part polyester putty.
  • RE-WASH with heavy-duty detergent degreaser and USP90 scuff gel using gray scuff pad to remove residue. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a lint free towel. At this point the part will have a very dull meduim grey appearance.
  • APPLY masking tape over any adheasive tape ledges on the inside of the part(s) — Consult Xenon instructions if needed to determine which parts utilize adhesive tape as part of the installation procedure.
  • WIPE item down using Sherwin Williams SC159 plastic and anti-static cleaner using a lint free towel.
  • SPRAY item with Sherwin Williams UPO7227 plastic adhesion promoter.
  • SPRAY item with Sherwin Williams P30 sealer base coat and then clear coat.

Note: Some painters prefer, after cleaning the surfaces, to apply Dupont "Variprime" (or equivalent), let dry and scuff with Scotchbrite pad and then apply the paint basecoat/clearcoat.


Installation of the 3M Tape

  • REMOVE any paint overspray with sandpaper or #7447 Scotchbrite pad and Acetone.
  • WIPE same area with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) or Acetone.
  • ROUGH UP the tape ledge using the 3M burgundy Scotchbrite pad that has been dipped in MEK or Acetone and then wipe clean with a rag and MEK or Acetone.
  • WIPE same area with Pro-Bond or 3M #4298 Adhesion Promoter.
  • APPLY the tape, pulling it slightly, V-cut as necessary going around curved areas and PRESS the tape on with the handle part of the scissors.
  • DO NOT install tape where our fender flare goes into a body side character area, such as on the CK & S10/Sonoma Chevy, Dodge Ram, CK Chevy, etc.
  • ALLOW the part to set with the tape applied, if possible for an hour or more in a warm area — this will help the cure process.