Why Urethane is Best:

Benefits of Polyurethane:

All of our Xenon Body Kits and Sport Flares are made using high-quality Polyurethane. We don't use ABS, fiberglass, RIM or any of the other common forming plastics.

Xenon fascia for Dodge Charger

[Xenon Part# 12601 — Front Airdam for 2006-2007 Dodge Charger]

Here's why:

  • All parts are made of Reaction Injection Molded Polyurethane for a Virtually Unbreakable part that can take everyday bumps and abuses.
  • We do not use silicone mold release film on parts. Instead we use a wax-based mold release film, which means there will be less time involved in cleaning and preparing our parts for painting.
  • Over 99% of our Polyurethane parts, including one piece air dams, side skirts, rear valances, rear deck spoilers and truck products are UPS-able, so you get fast and inexpensive service.
  • All kits are designed and engineered to use as much factory mounting points and hardware as possible to give our kits a factory look.
  • Easy installation with illustrated instructions and all hardware is provided.
  • Features include some applications with built in or optional fog light cut outs on air dams.
  • Other applications offer accessories such as smoked acrylic panels and beautifully designed 1 and 3 piece rear spoilers that finish off that custom look.

If you want the best in custom body parts for your ride,
You want Xenon!